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At asap., we combine furniture and the internet – two best inventions of the last century – to give you the extraordinary experience of a luxury life!

This unique combination of furniture and internet allows us in asap. to emerge as a unique representative of modern furniture, who replaces conventional industry practices like overpricing and showroom with more modern approaches like high-tech designs and instant delivery.

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Facing any of the following problems?

Getting exhausted

Wasting hours waiting for the delivery guy

Arrogant salesman

A house full of junk furniture

Identical products being sold as different

Unfair bargains

Giant furniture boxes that are hard to carry

Regret the decision of buying furniture at first impressions

Back pain

Neck pain

Uncomfortable sleep

No worries! We have solutions for all these problems!

Buy with satisfaction

We believe that best quality should be affordable and satisfactory.

We know the worth of your hard-earned money; so, we make sure that, at asap., you pay for the best product, not an expensive showroom.

Try with satisfaction!

We believe you’ll fall in love with our product, so you can try for 120 nights.

Return if unsatisfied!

You can always return our products within the trial period if you do not love them.

Hard to return?

No worries!

We will pick it up. We immensely value your feedback as it lets us know the next step we should take to fine-tune our products.

So always feel free to let us know what you truly feel about our products by either owning them forever or by returning them to us.

let's do planet earth a favour

At asap., we are always inspired by the blessings of mother earth and we always keep in mind that whatever we do should be in favour of planet earth.

We do not forget to contribute to the betterment of Earth in the process of trying to give you the best luxury life experience. We always incorporate environmental footprints into most of our products and business.

After all, if not for mother earth, we would not be here, would we?

Less is always better!

Why struggle with a lot and not focus on any when you can easily have a little and focus on all?

We always believe that one quality product is better than a thousand cheap products.

That is why we have limited the number of our products so that we can pay extreme attention to each one of them to make the best of them.

After all, we want to give the best to you, our customers, because our success relies on your happiness.

Super-Quality Mattresses with a unique aroma!

We combine Sri Lankan talent and genius on a large scale to design the best quality furniture that anyone would ever witness on the surface of this precious little island.

Whatsmore, we deliver them around the country and across the world!

Our online marketplace gives you the privilege of enjoying excellent products at a price that is highly affordable.