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Luxury Spring Mattress


You will forget about the whole world with the comfy sleep you will be having on the SPRINGPAL mattress, no matter whatever is happening around you!

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The perfect mattress to have the best sleep of your life!

We combine the highest quality Australian materials with genius inventiveness to provide you with the perfect mattress that does not cost a fortune.

Stop waiting for hours to fall asleep!

Have the sleep fairy right next to you to put you to sleep the instant you fall on the bed!

We have designed our mattresses with multiple comfy layers to avoid sinking feeling and unbearable heat.

Our fiber padding airflow sleep surface ensures lasting freshness and temperature control.

The specially developed super comfort layer gives you a cool and gentle support.

Our mattresses also feature a bonnell spring base with a 10-year warranty.

All of these special features offer you a sound sleep that you will definitely enjoy.

Give your day a fresh start right from the bed!

You will get all the support you need to wake up refreshed with SPRINPAL’s support layer, as it keeps your body properly aligned throughout your comfortable sleep.

The perfect blend of softness and firmness!

We call our mattress “the Goldilocks zone” because it is neither too soft to bounce you all across the bed to disturb your sleep nor too firm to give you a back pain each time you wake up.

Rather, the softness and firmness are perfectly blended to give you the most ravishing sleeping experience.

Have a long, tight sleep together with a cool and comfortable body!

The open-cell structure in our mattresses creates passages in the foam, providing sound airflow into the mattress while enabling heat to escape. Whatsmore, you can have long hours of cozy sleep by allowing the use of “both sides” to keep your body cool and comfortable.

Keep your SPRINGPAL spring mattress clean with our lovely mattress covers.

Our unique spring mattress covers give an extra luxury feel to the already luxury spring mattress. So you do not have to worry about the safety of your comfy spring mattress as long as you have got it protected with our removable and washable mattress covers!

Spend just 4 seconds to enjoy the comfort!

Shifting the mattress from box to bed is no more a tough task. Now you can easily get it done in just 4 seconds by unpacking the mattress from the box and unrolling it on the bed.

Quicker than brewing a tea, isn’t it?

Unbox happiness at your doorstep!

We deliver our asap luxury beddings across the island as fast as possible. So, you can enjoy the privilege of free and flash delivery of Sri Lanka’s best beddings at the cost of nothing!

Lead time will be 15 days after confirming the order. From there, it is all yours!

product details
  • Height – 7”
  • Double side
  • Quilted mattress
  • 10-year warranty

We offer free delivery across Sri Lanka, no matter where you live in this gem of a country.

We highly recommend the use of a spring mattress protector for the maximum protection of your mattress.

Always use the mattress with its cover for better protection. To clean the cover, remove it hand-wash with cold water and mild detergent, fully air dry the cover before re-covering. If there arises a need to clean the mattress, use only a damp cloth and mild detergent for the cleaning process and allow it to fully air dry before replacing the cover.

See care instructions on the label for further details.

For further maintenance of the mattress, rotate it from head to toe and allow fresh air into the foam core on a regular basis. These will keep your mattress fresh and clean while maintaining its state of comfort.

frequently asked questions

We assure that our Koala mattress is a very green product. We follow the footprints of Mother Nature and use a very environmentally-friendly approach in manufacturing our SPRINGPAL mattress which is why our mattress standout among all other conventional mattresses in the market.

Additional information

Mattress Size (Feet)

72✕36, 72✕48, 72✕60, 72✕72, 75✕36, 75✕48, 75✕60, 75✕72, 78✕36, 78✕48, 78✕60, 78✕75, 78✕72, 84✕60, 84✕72, 84✕75, 84✕78, 84✕84


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